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San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

I am criminal defense lawyer Melissa Bobrow and I appreciate your interest in my law practice. Since 2009, I have dedicated my legal career to defending people in the San Diego area after they have been charged with a wide range of misdemeanor and felony crimes. My legal practice covers cases involving drug charges and allegations of drunk driving (DUI), white collar crime and violent crimes. Every day, I work hard to protect my clients' constitutional rights and fight for their futures.

Defending Californians Charged With Felonies And Misdemeanors — State And Federal Crimes

My law firm represents Southern Californians in state and federal courts after they have been charged with serious crimes such as murder; tax, computer or sex crimes; RICO violations; mortgage or bank fraud; robbery or burglary; money laundering or bribery; or alien smuggling or illegal reentry.

I am professionally active and well recognized. I am a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Lawyers Club of San Diego and the California Association of Criminal Justice. I was selected for the Rising Star Award while still in law school. I am prepared to devote my best efforts to Southern Californians in criminal cases.

Strong Attorney-Client Relationships Lend Themselves To Effective Criminal Defense

My clients are typically in very difficult situations. From the very first consultation with a potential client, I put forth determination and passion. I listen carefully to each person's story. At the same time, I let each one know about my knowledge, experience and track record. When a new client chooses The Law Office of Melissa Bobrow, I hit the ground running in pursuit of the most favorable outcome for my client.

I Prepare Every Case As If For Trial, But Obtain Favorable Outcomes Out Of The Courtroom

I work up each case as if I am preparing for trial. Unlike some lawyers who hesitate to try a case, I regularly try cases. Many cases are resolved in pretrial plea bargain negotiations with prosecutors. Even when facts point toward a potential guilty verdict, I often succeed in obtaining alternative dispositions for my clients, such as probation, substance abuse treatment or work furloughs.

Learn how I can help turn your future around for the better after a criminal arrest in California. Call or send an email to schedule a consultation with

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